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January 4, 2019 Speaker: Pastor Aubrey Sequeira Series: Exodus: Saved and Set Apart

Topic: Expository Scripture: Exodus 19:1–19:25

The following study guide is to be used to discuss the Friday, January 4, 2019 sermon. 

Study Guide - Exodus 19:1-25

Introduction: In Exodus 19:1–25, we see the Lord appear to His people on Mount Sinai in all His holiness, majesty, and glory. God reveals his special calling for a covenant relationship with His people and reveals to them the holiness that He expects of them. The people cannot approach God apart from Moses, who is God’s chosen mediator through whom God speaks to the people.

READ Exodus 19:1–25

1. Read Exodus 19:1-6. What do these verses tell us about God’s calling for his people? What is the purpose for which He saved them in the exodus?

2. Read Exodus 19:5–6. What does God demand of His people?

3. Read 1 Peter 2:9–10. What do these verses tell us about God’s calling for us today?

4. Read Exodus 19:7–9. How did the people respond to the Lord’s calling? Does the subsequent story of Israel in the Bible reveal that they kept their word (Read Exodus 32 for instance)? What does this reveal about humanity and our need?

5. Read Exodus 19:9. What does this verse tell us about the purpose of God’s revelation of himself on Mount Sinai?

6. Read Exodus 19:10–15. What are the prerequisites for the people before the Lord appears on Mount Sinai? What does this tell us about the nature of God?

Application: How should the holiness of God and his demands for consecration in Exodus 19:10–15 cause us to approach God today?  What are some areas we can grow in regard to our own view of God?

7. Read Exodus 19:16–25. How is God’s appearance described? What does this tell us about Him?

8. What is Moses’s role in chapter 19? How does Moses point us to our Lord Jesus Christ?

9. Read Hebrews 12:18–31. When compared to Exodus 19, what does this passage tell us about our own encounter with God through Jesus Christ in worship today?

ApplicationWhat areas can you grow in your regard for God’s holiness? What are areas of devotion in your life that you wish to grow in and resolve to focus on this new year?

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