Discovering Jesus

September 20, 2019 Speaker: Pastor Curt Romig Series: The Gospel Of John

Topic: Expository Scripture: John 1:35–1:51

The following study guide is to be used to discuss the Friday, September 20, 2019 sermon. 

ECC Sermon Study Guide

John 1:35-51

READ John 1:35-51

1. In verse 38, Jesus asks the two, “what are you seeking?” What are you seeking in life? Which of these words best describes what your heart seeks/desires in life: security, love, power, fame, fun, approval, purpose? Something else? (Note: those things are not necessarily bad) 

2. Name all the different titles for Jesus that we see in this passage 

3. Why does it matter where Jesus is from?

4. Why does Jesus refer back to Genesis 28 and the story of Jacob’s ladder in verse 51?

5. In Jesus’s interaction with Nathanael, what causes Nathanael to declare that Jesus is the Son of God?

6. If Jesus really is fully God and fully man, then isn’t He worth fully following? Are there other things in life you are seeking, that take you away from following Jesus? How are you doing at following Him, through the highs and lows of life? Remember who He is! You can confess ways of not following Jesus and pray for one another to follow him this week.

7. In John, we see a pattern of people following Jesus, and then bringing others along. Andrew brings Peter. Philip brings Nathanael by saying, “come and see.” As you follow Jesus, who can you be bringing along, saying “come and see”? Spend some time in prayer together for specific people who are not yet following Jesus, and ask God to help you introduce them to Jesus

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