I Am Not the Christ

September 13, 2019 Speaker: Pastor Jeramie Rinne Series: The Gospel Of John

Topic: Expository Scripture: John 1:19–1:34

The following study guide is to be used to discuss the Friday, September 13, 2019 sermon. 

ECC Sermon Study Guide
John 1:19-34

Introduction - Who is Jesus? This is the central question driving all of the Gospels in the New Testament. The first person to answer that question in the Gospels is John the Baptist. John played the pivotal role of introducing Jesus to Israel.  But that also meant that John had to know who he was as well. Who is Jesus? John will tell us, so that we too can tell others.

READ John 1:19-34

1. John denies being the Messiah/Christ, as well as Elijah or the Prophet. Who is he? (1:23-28, 30-31)

APPLICATION: John’s denials are refreshing. So often people make great spiritual claims about their identity. What sorts of things do Christian leaders sometimes claim about themselves and why can these sorts of claims be dangerous?

2. In explaining his identity, John quotes Isaiah 40:3. Read Isaiah 40:1-5. If John is the voice in Isaiah, then who is Jesus?

3. Who is Jesus and what is his mission? (1:29)

APPLICATION: Imagine you are talking to a friend who is not a Christian. If that friend asked you, “Why do put so much emphasis on Jesus?”, how might you use verse 29 to answer? Turn to another person in your life group and role play the conversation.

4. John’s Gospel reveals the Trinity perhaps more than any other book in the Bible. Where do you see the members of the Trinity? What role does each play? 

APPLICATION: Imagine a friend says, “This is how I understand the Trinity. There’s one God, but that one God appears in different ways in different circumstances. Sometimes God appears as the Father, especially in the Old Testament. Then God appeared as the Son. Finally, after Jesus God appeared as the Holy Spirit.”  How could you use 1:32-33 to help correct your friend’s understanding of the Trinity?

5. John the Baptist is a unique figure who played a unique role in Israel’s history. And yet there is a sense in which all Christians share similarities with John as those who testify to Jesus. To whom are you testifying?

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