True Religion

October 31, 2014 Speaker: Mark du Bord

Scripture: James 1:19–1:27

Synopsis: While the apostle Paul often wrote about "inner saving faith", James wrote about "outward serving faith". Pastor Mark helps us to see that in order to live out a true religion (true faith) in Christ, we must do three things: We must be receptive to God's truth, we must be responsive to that truth, and we must be resolved to living a new way!


There is no manuscript available for this sermon.

Discussion Questions

  1. What prevents us from living out the Truth we already know?
  2. Are you trying to mature in Christ alone, a part from a small group or friends that hold you accountable? God uses intentional relationships to shape our character ... how could you live more intentionally?
  3. Is your heart able to hear what God is wanting to say to you? Are you a good listener? Read verses 19-21
  4. Read verses 26-27. What three areas does James point out as being areas where truth must be put into practice?
  5. When in your life have you experienced the most growth? What were the dynamics that led to this growth?