Christianity Explained

Every Sunday until May 21, 2023

10:00am – 10:40am

Category: Discipleship Class

Who is Jesus? Where did he come from? What did he come to do? What is a “Christian?” What is Christianity? If you have ever asked these questions and haven’t gotten answers, this class is for you. Christianity Explained is designed to help people see Jesus for who he is; we go to the one source that can reveal the true nature, character, and person of Jesus Christ: the Bible. Invite your non-Christian friends, coworkers, and neighbors to come and hear Christianity explained.

Join us for this 6-week study every Sunday from 10 am to 10:40 am in Room F10 on the following dates:

  • April 16
  • April 23
  • April 30
  • May 7
  • May 14
  • May 21


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Please note that this class is different from our usual Sunday Sessions classes. More information about the upcoming Sunday Sessions classes here.