AWANA - What Is It?

AWANA is a scripture memory club for children that is filled with fun games and Bible learning, and is a great tool for discipleship for families. AWANA is an acronym that stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed (taken from 2 Timothy 2:15). Through AWANA your child will learn Bible verses that will be hidden in their hearts that will help them for years to come!


During AWANA your child will:

  • Learn biblical truths that relate to your child’s age and experiences
  • Memorise Bible verses
  • Enjoy fun physical activity and competition no matter their skill level
  • Develop positive friendships
  • Receive adult affirmation and encouragement
  • Build the basics of a relationship with God
  • Be recognised and awarded for accomplishments

AWANA is intended to be a parent-participation programme. We need parents’ help in order to make the AWANA club great. We ask parents to work alongside their children during club night as well as throughout the week, to ensure we have a strong programme and to maximise discipleship.

AWANA is resource-intensive, therefore we ask parents to consider serving in the various positions needed for an AWANA club to function. Because AWANA relies heavily on volunteers who commit to serving weekly, parents who choose to serve in AWANA are not required to serve in Friday programs.

There are AWANA clubs for every age group from 3 through to 14. Each club has a different name: Cubbies are for 3 and 4 year olds, Sparks for 5-7 year olds, Truth and Training (T&T) club is for 8-11 year oldss.

Registration Fee

During the year, clubbers work through handbooks, wear uniforms and receive awards. Once your child(ren)’s application for registration is accepted you will be asked to pay the 200aed fee for the year. The fee also covers handbooks, uniforms, awards, stationery, shipping and handling, fun-night events and prizes, leader gifts of appreciation and gifts to children.

If your child loses a handbooks, award or uniform, you will have to pay for its replacement. There are some scholarships available if needed. Please contact for details.

Uniforms and Handbooks

After a clubber completes their entrance booklet, they will receive a uniform and handbook. The clubber will earn awards by doing the assigned activities and memorising verses from their handbook.

These awards are handed out during the Large Group Time of each club night, and a clubber must be in uniform to receive the weekly award. There will also be an Awards Night at the very end of the club year where the larger awards are handed out for completing a handbook, being Clubber of the Year, etc.

If a child has lost their uniform or book, they will need to pay a fee for the replacement of each item.

AWANA Club Nights

Every clubber must check-in to record their attendance. Please go to our Welcome Station to check-in. Secretaries will be present to help you.

Every club meeting begins with an Opening Ceremony to officially start the meeting and establish discipline. The ceremony includes a welcome, flag ceremony, recital of key verse and theme song, worship and prayer. At ECC Abu Dhabi, Sparks and T&T all begin club time together. Cubbies meet separately for the entire evening.

A typical Sparks and T&T club night consists of three main club segments divided equally: Handbook Time, Large Group Time and Game Time.

Sometimes known as Small Group Time, this is the segment during which all clubbers recite scripture and discuss God’s Word from their handbooks. This is the best opportunity for leaders to build relationships with their clubbers. Leaders not only listen to sections but to the ‘lives’ of the clubbers.

The Large Group Time is when all clubbers and leaders come together within their respective clubs and join together to worship God in prayer and song, and to listen to a Bible lesson. Announcements are made and awards are also presented during this time.

This is the club segment when clubbers enjoy fun games that are usually around the AWANA Game Circle. Game time attracts boys and girls to the club, where they will hear the gospel of God’s grace and learn the principles of Christian living.

Annual Awards

During our Annual Awards Night at the end of the year, all clubbers who finish their books get recognised for their great accomplishments, while every clubber receives a Participation Certificate.

CUBBIES who finish their handbook receive a specially designed confetti filled rosette.

SPARKS clubbers who finish their First Year book receive the First Book Award ribbon, and for their second book they receive the Second Book Award ribbon. For completing all three of their Sparks books, clubbers receive their very own Sparky Awards Plaque. Clubbers who have also completed their review books will also receive a Review Emblem and special Sparky pin.

T&T who finish any one book within the curriculum receive their First Book Award ribbon. Those who finish two books receive the Excellence Award. Upon completion of the third book they receive the Challenge Award, and for the fourth the Timothy Award.

Upcoming Events

ECC Prayer Meeting9:30am – 12:00pm
Friday Men's Covenant Group6:30am – 8:00am
Friday 8:30am Service8:30am – 10:00am