Volunteering in AWANA


The ECC AWANA programme cannot function without volunteers. God calls all of us to service Him by serving each other.

To get involved as a volunteer at the ECC AWANA programme:

  1. Pray – God has called you to serve Him. Pray and consider which ministry he is calling you to.
  2. Apply – If God is leading you towards AWANA, please fill in the Volunteer Application Form. It will help us to get to know you better and will help you to rethink through the qualifications.
  3. Meet – Set up a time to meet with the Commander of the AWANA programme, or the Interim Children’s Ministry Co-ordinator at ECC, to talk through the commitment and qualifications needed.
  4. Get Trained – We want to help you be effective in your role at AWANA. Contact the Commander to check when the next training session will be.

Roles and Responsibilities

LISTENER/HELPER (30-60 minutes)
A listener works alongside a club leader and simply listens to the clubber as they recite their sections. Once the clubber has completed a section with a maximum of two helps, the listener checks off the sections on the clubbers record sheet.

You can request Listener Responsibilities from awana@eccad.org.

A club leader is a clubber’s main AWANA contact. Club leaders build relationships with a small group of clubbers to help them understand their handbook sections and Bible lessons. These adults have the greatest opportunity, and responsibility, to affect lives of children for eternity. They begin each handbook time with a word of prayer, praying for the needs of their clubbers. Then they work with the clubbers listening to their sections as well as their lives.

Club Leaders not only work with clubbers in Handbook Time, but also take an active role in Large Group Time (corralling, controlling and encouraging the clubbers) and Game Time (as a Line Leader)
Club Leaders must be members of ECC, ECC Off-Island or Grace Church.

The line leaders of a team assist the Game Director in the games. They instruct the clubbers on how to play the games as well as to encourage and cheer their clubbers to thoroughly enjoy the game time. The more line leaders we have, the more fun we have!

This ministry partner helps lead worship during the Opening Ceremony and Large Group segment of the AWANA evening. They help the clubbers and the leaders to encounter the living God, offering praise and worship to Christ through song.

This role is often carried out by a Club Director, but it is always great to have others that are willing to share the Gospel message of how the Son of God came to save us. This should be presented in an age appropriate manner to the clubbers through stories, or real life situations. A variety of tools can be used from skits to drama to PowerPoint, and even to puppetry.

A game director is in charge of the most fun part of AWANA – the games. Game time is the primary reason many clubbers come and return to club. Children have a great spirit for fun and the game director is the hero of fun in an AWANA ministry. If game time is fun, kids will come week after week and be exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The club secretary has the very important job of being the guardian of the records and achievements of the clubbers. As awards are a prime tool to help motivate clubbers to learn God’s Word, record keeping is vital to the success of AWANA. The club secretary works together with the club director to ensure that the clubbers receive their books, uniforms and awards as they are earned.

A club director oversees one of the clubs in AWANA. They ensures integration of individual clubs with other AWANA clubs and church ministries. He/she provides guidance, encouragement and direction to the club leaders. They help plan the week night program and help to ensure that records are kept and supplies are up to date.

A commander oversees the AWANA ministry in his/her church. He/she provides the vision, direction, enthusiasm, leadership and support for the leaders, clubbers and parents. He/she is the communication link between the church and the AWANA ministry.

The role of the God’s Guardian is to be the first person that parents and children meet and they will help guide parents and clubbers to the right place before and after club. The God’s Guardian is also the one who ensures the safety of the children attending club – routinely checking bathrooms and other areas to ensure the safety of children.

Volunteer Registration Form