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Date: June 6, 2014

Speaker: Pastor Mark duBord

Category: Anger

Scripture: Ephesians 4:25–4:27

Tags: aggression, Ephesians, hurt, angry, unity, fear, anger, fight, support, love, resolve, protection, acceptance, unrighteous, vulnerability, control

Synopsis: Two of the most powerful human emotions are Love and Anger. Love we understand far more than we understand Anger. Anger for many is like a runaway train that we cannot control and it ends up smashing into every relationship we have. How do we get a handle on it, what does the Bible say about it, and how do we help someone who is chronically angry? In this sermon, Pastor Mark helps us understand anger and what our response should be to it. We will see that underneath anger is usually the true issue which is triggering our anger: hurt, fear, and frustration.


There is no manuscript available for this sermon.