Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry Director:  Roy Ashton
“Discipling Men for the Glory of God”

Men’s Covenant Groups
It is a group of men, usually 4-8, who make a covenant to open up their lives to one another so as to encourage and challenge each other to love the Lord and love others as the Bible commands His followers to do. Currently, we have one Covenant Group that meets on Fridays 6:30 am – 8:00 am – ECC – Second Floor – Church Office, Contact, subject line: "Men’s Covenant Groups"

Weekly Bible Studies
The purpose of these studies is to give the men in our church a sound biblical foundation for all of life. Many men can testify that those Bible studies have had a tremendous impact on their walk with God.

Bible Study Information: Breakfast & Bible Study, Saturdays 7:00–8:30am, at LaBrioche on the Corniche, Abu Dhabi. This group focuses on studying different books of the Bible, using mainly the ABC method of studying scriptures. Contact, subject line: "Men’s Breakfast & Bible Study"

Annual Men's Retreat
The goal for the annual retreat is to have men pull back from the daily hustle and bustle of life and have a concentrated time of fellowship with the Lord and with other men. It typically takes place in a course of two days in which we sing worshipful songs, listen to featured guest speakers, and enjoy food and fellowship with one another.

Men's Breakfasts
We usually have those every five to six weeks on a Saturday morning in the basement of the church center. This has become a popular event among the men as we serve a hearty breakfast usually consist of scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, etc. and we invite a guest speaker to come and share God's Word with us. This event has helped men in our church to bond together (especially those who are doing the cooking) as well as grow in their walk with God.