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Bible Quizzing is the Scripture memory counterpart to the physical game-oriented AwanaGames. Both use the element of competition as a motivating factor.

Bible Quizzing is open to clubbers from T&T and Trek. This event motivates students to increase their bible knowledge while giving participants, leaders and even parents an intense exposure to Scripture. Bible Quizzing tests students’ knowledge of the material in handbooks and manuals and provides individual recognition and awards.

Bible Quizzing stimulates scripture memorisation and review at every club and youth programme level. It also motivates students to stay up-to-date in their handbooks and manuals. Young people memorise more verses, complete more handbooks and comprehend more bible truths with the incentive of making the church’s Bible Quiz team and competing for honours at the local, regional and national levels when that is an option. As students spend more time preparing for Bible Quizzing, their parents also become exposed to the truths of God’s Word. Bible Quizzing also promotes fellowship between AWANA programmes in the same church as well as other AWANA-registered churches.

Depending on the type of competition and club level involved, two basic types of questions can be used with variations (Note: quizzing competitions vary by region and are not sun the same in all areas. Consult your mission for local rules).

  1. Speed quizzing is a tense, fast-action event which works well with older students. Questions are open ended. The first student to respond is given a change to answer the question.
  2. Multiple-choice is used with younger clubbers. The quizmaster asks a question and then reads a list of possible answers in a multiple-choice format. Each quizzer has paddles with a letter on them. The clubbers raise the appropriate paddle to display their answer.

Check the Calendar to find out when Quizzing is taking place at ECC this year.


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