Additional Club Activities



Sparks-a-Rama is the Sparks version of AwanaGames, where an emphasis is placed on learning sportsmanship from a biblical perspective. Sparks-a-Rama focuses on fun and meeting new friends through playing games.

The event began in 1955 when four AWANA clubs competed against each other in the basement of Chicago’s North Side Gospel Center. Clubbers were allowed to participate if they had completed certain requirements, including passing Bible knowledge-based tests.

AwanaGames offers many benefits. Clubs develop a stronger identity and closer bonds amongst members. Kids are also motivated to attend club and complete handbook sections to qualify for their team, learning God’s Word in the process. Area churches are leaders are also able to connect with each other in an atmosphere of fellowship. Leaders are able to interact one on one with clubber’s parents.

Most importantly, the gospel is presented at each Sparks-a-Rama competition, allowing unsaved family members and friends in attendance a chance to hear and respond to the plan of salvation, many for the first time.

At the moment we don’t have a Sparks-a-Rama date set on the Club Calendar for this year, but watch this space!

T&T Quizzing


Bible Quizzing is the Scripture memory counterpart to the physical game-oriented AwanaGames. Both use the element of competition as a motivating factor.

Bible Quizzing is open to clubbers from T&T and Trek. This event motivates students to increase their bible knowledge while giving participants, leaders and even parents an intense exposure to Scripture. Bible Quizzing tests students’ knowledge of material in handbooks and manuals and provides individual recognition and awards.

Bible Quizzing stimulates scripture memorisation and review at every club and youth programme level. It also motivates students to stay up-to-date in their handbooks and manuals. Young people memorise more verses, complete more handbooks and comprehend more bible truths with the incentive of making the church’s Bible Quiz team and competing for honours at the local, regional and national levels when that is an option. As students spend more time preparing for Bible Quizzing, their parents also become exposed to the truths of God’s Word. Bible Quizzing also promotes fellowship between AWANA programmes in the same church as well as other AWANA-registered churches.

Depending on the type of competition and club level involved, two basic types of questions can be used with variations (Note: quizzing competitions vary by region and are not sun the same in all areas. Consult your mission for local rules).

  1. Speed quizzing is a tense, fast-action event which works well with older students. Questions are open ended. The first student to respond is given a change to answer the question.
  2. Multiple-choice is used with younger clubbers. The quizmaster asks a question and then reads a list of possible answers in a multiple-choice format. Each quizzer has paddles with letter on them. The clubbers raise the appropriate paddle to display their answer.

Check the Calendar to find out when Quizzing is taking place at ECC this year.

AWANA Grand Prix


Build cars. Share Christ.

The AWANA Grand Prix is a Pinewood-Derby-style racing event with a nearly 50-year track record of fun and excitement.

AWANA Grand Prix is more than just building a race car. It helps to build a bond between kids and their parents as they work together to design the best car ever. Dads especially will be drawn into the creative excitement of helping their sons and daughters win.

And winning is what it’s all about. Not only winning the race – but winning mums, dads and kids to Christ! The event provides churches with the perfect place to present the gospel message.


  1. With the help of their parents or other family members, kids create their very own race cars from kits consisting of a block of wood and a set of wheels and axles.
  2. Churches can host car-building days, or families can work on their models at home.
  3. Kids invite their families to see them race on the day of the big event. The cars race on a wooden four-lane track. Awards are given for both designs and speed. Clubs award first, second and third-place trophies for each category and each participant receives a ribbon.

Everyone gets to hear about the greatest prize of all when the gospel of Jesus Christ is shared.

At the moment we don’t have an AWANA Grand Prix date set on the Calendar for this year, but watch this space!